Memories and Reminiscences




50 years ago, one half century ago, can you believe it? 

How things have changed, amazing. Looking back at our Tide graduation photos, its difficult to identify ourselves. We were strong and healthy and beautiful.

Reunions are for bringing together old friends and awakening memories long dormant and probably somewhat faded and blurred. Our great event allows for personal and intimate exchange of memories and ideas, and our website expands that opportunity to a multitude of classmates for eons of time. So let's rendezvous online.


Our Special Selection







School days:


Happy, funny, and poignant memories during the four years of high school. Try to avoid the bad/sad memories that plagued our teenage years.


Then to Now, the long journey: 


Stories about how things have changed; cars, airplanes, clothes, food, etc. How the country and the world has changed; science, technology, medicine, etc.


Gone but not forgotten:


Reminiscing about friends who have left for a better place.


Personal Antidotes


 Short articles about joyful and memorable events






Guidelines: instructions for submission.


1.   Keep your piece short. Please no novels.


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4.  Pictures are more difficult to deal with especially on the web, must be in JPEG (jpg) format and not embedded in the text. You can put a note in the text, where you want it inserted.


Note: we definitely don't have the space for all the pictures of the kids and Grandchildren.



Editorial policies:


Well at this moment there are none and may never be any.

Mike, Barry, Lynn, me and anybody else who wants to put their $.02 in are the editorial review group. We might correct spelling and grammar errors and argue over vulgarities and political correctness. But since we are all adults and this is a free country, we are not likely to censor anyone?